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Dust FAQ

Oooh Vintage Rentals -Tell us More!

Vintage rentals are unique, antique, old, vintage, retro, custom, handmade, or recreated items that help create the perfect look for your event. These items can be rustic, shabby chic, elegant, formal or simple-vintage fits in every theme! We shop nonstop to continue to grow our inventory so if you don’t see something you need just ask. We can shop our little hearts out to find the perfect piece for you or build you a custom item.

Ok, we love it all but we can’t set it up like you girls!

We love seeing our dust in action. Let us help you create the look your imagined (or saw on pinterest) by styling your event. This assures all of your items are placed where planned and fashioned in the best way possible. We are all about the details and with our event planning and venue management experience we are very aware of what works for events. As well as styling we offer custom pieces (Do it Yourself Style). Pricing for styling and custom pieces varies by event.


Delivery or Pick up?

Gold Dust Vintage is based in Mansfield, Texas but would load up our cars “Clampett” style to make your event complete. The cost for delivery is based upon distance and size of the order. If deliveries need to be made to a specific area(up stairs, around the block, down the way)  or beyond a reasonable drop off area additional charges may apply. Please specify how typical drop-offs at your venue take place.  Pick up of rentals is available as long as you have the proper transportation.

What dotted line do I sign on to get Dusted?

Since Gold Dust Vintage has an inventory based on custom and unique rentals we recommend you reserve the items you desire as soon as possible. Once you have made your selections a deposit of 50% of your invoice is due with a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event. Rental rates are based on a one day rate but we understand if you need to pick up or have items delivered early and return them the day after the event—we are nothing but flexible so we‘ll work it out!

Ugh oh –Aunt Barb got a little crazy and spilled!

We understand that accidents happen so after every event we examine our rentals. We will try our best to repair an item if damaged or stained. However, if an item is not repairable, the client will be charged accordingly. Pricing for each item varies-a vase or mason jar could be a couple bucks while a stained couch could be several hundred dollars.